How To Buy a Mattress

Getting a restful night’s sleep improves every aspect of your life. Buying the right mattress is the first step to restful sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind you cannot make a decision from a picture or description on a web site. Finding a mattress that helps you sleep more restful is as easy as following the tips listed below.

Mattress Buying Tips:


  1. Choose the size of the mattress that fits you and your room.

    1. Mattress Size Guide

      Name Reference Approximate Size
      Twin 3/3 38" x 74.5"
      Twin Extra Long 3/3 XL 38" x 79.5"
      Full 4/6 53" x 74.5"
      Full Extra Long 4/6 XL 53" x 79.5"
      Queen 5/0 60" x 79.5"
      King 6/6 76" x 79.5"
      California King 6/0 72" x 84"
      Waterbed Drop-in King   70" x 82"
      Waterbed Drop-in Queen   58" x 82"
      Waterbed Drop-in Super Single   46" x 82"
      Three Quarter Bed  4/0 48" x 74.5"
      Hospital Bed   36" x 79.5"
      Cot   30" x 74.5"
  2. Decide on the comfort - Extra Firm, Traditional Firm, Plush, Extra Plush (soft)

  3. Dedicate enough time to thoroughly test the mattresses. Spend at least 15 minutes on the preferred mattress to insure it is the right mattress for you.

  4. Wear comfortable clothes.

  5. Shop with your partner if they are sharing the bed. Keep in mind you are trying to first and foremost find a comfortable mattress. A mattress has to be comfortable for you to get a good night’s sleep. There are several mattress types and not all are a good fit for your body shape and size.

  6. Test each mattress in the position that you sleep (back, side or stomach). Have partner test bed at same time. Bring your pillow or test the mattresses with one from the store that matches your sleep preference.

  7. Ask the retail sales associate questions and compare model features & benefits. If you have information from web sites compare it to what you are hearing or seeing in the store.

  8. Purchase the complete set mattress & foundation. A matching foundation not only supports the mattress but can extend its life expectancy.

  9. If a mattress frame is needed make sure it is high quality. Queen and King size should have center supports.

  10. Protect your new mattress with a mattress pad (water-proof and breathable). The mattress protector should not alter the feel of the mattress.

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