145 Bolt On Rails

An essential piece of keeping your mattress in good, long-lasting condition is using the right frames and rails. Bowles Mattress offers a broad selection of bed frames, rails, and accessories built to support any sized mattress.

Rails Hook-on, Bolt-on Line

145 Bolt On Rails

145 Bolt On Rails

145 B.O. Rails:

  • Fits Twin or Full size bedding.
  • Quality 2" horizontal x 1 1/2" vertical x 76" angle steel side rails with Bolt-on Brackets.

161 B.O. Rails:

  • Fits Twin X-Long, Full X-Long or Queen size bedding.
  • Fits King size bedding (with proper support system.)
  • Quality 1-1/2" x 2" x 83" angle steel side rails with Bolt-on brackets

    *When using side rails, use of bed slats is recommended for twin sizes, larger sizes benefit from extra leg supports in the center.

    Rail length variance +/- 1/2"
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